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Originally posted by Echo
btw my family already has a 2002 Honda Civic 4 door.

should i just keep this car instead of spending the 12 grand or so on a beemer within the next year? I mean it would save me alot of money. But i would be unable to 'boast about my car'

waht u drive?
" " you have it all 'tricked out' racer boy?


and i know reliability on jap cars are great...but i JUST cannot get over HOW many ppl have one...there are like 5 civics in EACH of my school's parking lots(we have two lots) We only have 1 bimmer and it's an X5 4.4i with those snowflake rims

anywho...i can't wait to drive
Get a Legend man,they come both coupe and sedan and they are discontinued so you wont see alot of em on the road.Other cars i suggest is the chrysler 300M,good luxury car for a bargain,Infiniti Q45 or a older lexus.
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