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i wish there was a way to tell apart monday engines from wednesday engines, but just turn the car on, and just listen for funny sounds, and most importantly, TEST drive, and by that i mean take the first few gears allllllll the way through the rpm's!
Ya, most people get worried about high km's, but i wouldn't, i mean something may happen to my car no doubt, but i have faith in my engine and maintain it as often as possible, my 320 had 260 before i smashed it, no problems with that, and my 325i, even ran a 15.2 1/4mile, at 194km's, did i mention it was BONEEEEEE STOCK!
They're great engines without a doubt!
Insurance wise...........CALL MAN, thats your best bet, just depends on the company really, everyone always gets a different quote.......but if insurance becomes a problem, go for a 318, and they're good on gas as well. The 320i is a GREAT car, much better than a 318 (not in speed) in regards to engine smoothness, lets face it nothing beats a inline six, but if you ever plan on modding, the 320i is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find serious performance parts! And between a 2dr. and 4dr. whcihever you prefer more, it will make a slight difference on iunsurance but if the car is 10 years or older, it won't make MUCH a difference, again, always different. When i first bought my car i liked the 4dr.s more than the 2dr. but recently i've fallen in love in the 2dr's!!!
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