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I'm running 235/40/17's all around right now, which is the stock tire size on 95 M3's all around. I have 17x8" rims all around, 40mm offset.

In the back, I've actually removed the springs and installed the wheels to see how much clearance I had. I was able to stuff the wheel all the way into the fender. I also have -2.25 degree's camber, which will give you a little more clearance.

Rolling the fenders will also let you run wider tires, but it also depends on how dropped your car is. When I had 19x9's on the back of my car, the tires rubbed because the offset was wrong, but it didn't rub the fender lip. It rubbed the top of the inside fender flare. My car has been lowered 2" too in the back.

It is possible to run 17x9 with 255/40/17 all around if you run spacers up front, have the right offset in the back, roll your fenders, and don't drop your car too much. But that is generally too much unless you're doing nothing else aside from autocrossing, or have your own skid pad or something.
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