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Originally posted by BMW_M52_M20
Exactly, if you have a Great amp you can make pretty much anything sound good!
True, but depending on how cheap the subs are......and how long will they last that way.

i wont agree on an amp making a cheap sub sound good...a while ago i had one 10' pioneer IMPP or watever. First i had a cheap legecy 400 Watt amp i got for free pushing it. Which did a pretty good job.

I bought a Fosgate 400s(or something like that), there wasn't much difference.....the fosgate was capable of blowing the sub but at a good listening level u can't tell the difference.

BUT back on topic.....i've read alot of good things about the Brahma, and im thinkin of getting one come sping.

Let us know what you choose.
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