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Originally posted by ///MsAniTy
just go to phantom n hook up soem auidio bahns and get a powerful amp to power yr shit and u will be poundin my friend
Don't get audiobahn, my one friend had audiobahn subs and they crapped out in no time from light pounding.........You may have had a different experience.......
Phantom is good, see Dan.......

My buddy got some clarion subs and for the price, I think they are great......It all depends of the quality of system you want.....If you have a small amp not powerful enough expensive subs aren't worth it.........
A good amp can turn low grade subs into amazing sounding systems......

I have always loved bandpass boxes.......They pound with deep bass like no tommorrow. They may not be as clear as a sealed or ported box, but if you want bass, that is the way to go......
I have two 10's right now in a sealed box in my e30 and they are low quality kenwood subs that I got off a friend........They sound fine and can hit good bass, but I know if they were in a bandpass box I would have a lot more bass with out upgrading my amp or subs......

Amp wise, I have been happy with Clarion and Rockford Fosgate kicks A$$!

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