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Re: Osram Silverstar +50% H1/H4/H7 Headlight Bulbs

Originally posted by KHYmotor
Q: What is the difference between the Sylvania Silverstar and the Osram Silverstar?

A: Osram Sylvania is one and the same company, within the US they use both Osram and Sylvania, outside the US its Osram. The Osram Silverstar is a clear bulb with Xenon gas boost to increase brightness up to 50%, color is similar to standard halogen though it is slightly whiter. The Sylvania Silverstar is the same bulb but with an amethyst blue coating with 30% more light than standard halogen and 4000K light color which is comparable to Xenon/High Intensity Discharge Light Systems as seen on high end cars from Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Porsche to name a few.
They are totally different in performance Jon. The Osram's are the best bulbs available right now, period. And that price is REALLY good.
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