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Smile Ran into the STi club...

Wow that made my Saturday night, i was w/ my buddy in his E46 M3, when don't we come across 5 or 6 STi's !!! and about 3 WRX's, and a white S2000 with black hood. We were just approaching Markham.
All I have to say is we made M3 owners very happy! Once both cars (STi and E46 M3) are moving, the M3 takes that thing without any problems.. we started from about 70 km/h and went over 2xx, the m3 just disposes of the STi.. either that or not one of them knew how to drive their cars..
The S2000 was pretty quick as well and sounded AMAZING, the guy was w/ his g/f and still tried racing us, but that didn't last long.
One of the normal WRX's put up a better challenge than any STi there!! it pulled hard, but we still beat it...
We found a Silver Z06 on chromes on the way home and got smoked though haha
Any subaru message boards around here where I can see if any of the STi drivers say anything about what happened? I wanna hear there take on the beating!!

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