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SpudBoy (Toyorganizing? Prefers rice during the winter)
E46_lover (still trying to find AutCruise/SpudNation Video Clips - )
Empowerd (we like to call that "celery"channel 8 sub 0)
BMW_7 (doing grass donuts)
openwheel (packing gifts on the m?? sled/channel 8 sub 0)
djcontra (solar powered , apparently - not)
Mystikal (watching for trains/channels 8 sub 0)
Mikester (never smoke'd/Spud)
X5HogTown (complete with tow-hitch/M coupe if dry?/channel 8 sub 0)
BMW BMXer (50/50)
tlaselva (#2 X5'er - BLT in hand)
BMW_M52_M20 (choosing options)
M_powered (50/50 chance)
Pasta (Thinks I'm on crack - first appearence?)
JimZyellow (seein wats hapn'n )
TrEvOrLiCioS (Yorkdale cruiser? - first appearence)
burnhard22 (with bro?)
///MAGAKS (with paint gun for sale? - first appearence?)
Koncise (unsure - too sleepy)
bmwm5lover (work'n@one)
moerom (if no snow, doesn't like to chill)
SUPERCHARGED (all charged up - first appearence?)
betmen (pimp'n in the GTi - first appearence?)
Slowered318 - in Transport (for audio support) or Toyota (for unlimited dounuts)... what do you think?
The major difference between my 318is and an e30 M3 is that the noises come from the engine and not the passengers
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