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SpudBoy (Toyorganizing? Prefers rice during the winter)
E46_lover (still trying to find AutCruise/SpudNation Video Clips - )
Empowerd (we like to call that "celery"channel 8 sub 0)
BMW_7 (doing grass donuts)
openwheel (packing gifts on the m?? sled/channel 8 sub 0)
djcontra (solar powered , apparently - not)
Mystikal (watching for trains/channels 8 sub 0)
Mikester (never smoke'd/Spud)
X5HogTown (complete with tow-hitch/M coupe if dry?/channel 8 sub 0)
BMW BMXer (50/50)
tlaselva (#2 X5'er - BLT in hand)
BMW_M52_M20 (choosing options)
M_powered (50/50 chance)
Pasta (Thinks I'm on crack - first appearence?)
JimZyellow (seein wats hapn'n )
TrEvOrLiCioS (Yorkdale cruiser? - first appearence)
burnhard22 (with bro?)
///MAGAKS (with paint gun for sale? - first appearence?)
Koncise (unsure - too sleepy)
bmwm5lover (work'n@one)
moerom (if no snow, doesn't like to chill)
SUPERCHARGED (all charged up - first appearence?)
betmen (pimp'n in the GTi - first appearence?)
Slowered318 - in Transport (for audio support) or Toyota (for unlimited dounuts)... what do you think?
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