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Originally posted by EMPOWERD
not sure myself... i usually try not to speed on city streets, highways are more for me. Although you can do insane speeds with a fast bike in no time (my bike hits 145km/h in 1st gear!)

My friend Will got caught doing 110km/h in a 40km/h school zone on his ZX-7R Kawasaki, in the morning as school was starting (Tomken, in front of Pocock). After the summons to court, his fine was $1500.00 and 6 points. No Insurance company will accept him (he has 3 more major tickets) so he packed up and moved to the Dominican Rep.
Right south of pocock there is a pretty long stretch of road without traffic lights...

I've also try to stay below 20 over the limit but those times I posted were the ones i accomplished once.

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