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E30 is running like a dream now......

Well, my 325e has been running alright since I bought it but there was a few things that were concerning me like poor gas mileage and rough starts......

Anyways, I got it back from the shop today and had a few things done:

1) New OEM Cap and Rotor
2) 6 new spark plugs
3) New Air flow boot (It was cracked casuing my engine to rev up and down)
4) New Flew disc
5) New T valve (my drivers side washer weren't working)
6) My steering wheel had play, and is tightened

Now the car runs so so much better
I had a look at the cap and the contacts had corrosion on them and my spark plugs were very fouled which meant my car was running rich.....
My engine always used to "Hunt" at idle and would rev up and down, but it was the cracked air boot which was casuing it, and the new flex disc has really smoothed out my gears, used to be very rough and touchy when hitting the gas.....
I can't believe the power difference, just so much smoother and starting it up now is no problem.......

Well worth the money spent on the car, thought I would post if anyone was having similar problems with there e30......
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