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Bone stock 94 325iS with 225/40ZR17 (front) and 245/35/ZR17 (rear) i hit 210 km/hn on the speedo then the guv. kicked in....

does that sound about right.....

BTW..this was done on QEW @ about 2 am with a friend who was driving ahead and i had to pull over to take a piss..then he called me and said theres no cars up untill a certain cutoff.....thats the only way I'll ever go that fast again.....even with no traffic or cops I was still shiting bricks...couldn't stop thinking of what would happen if a tire blew....mind you..i must say the car was vary stable at that speed and it felt like as if i could go faster if the guv. wasn't there....BMW's are amazing!!
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