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Roll cages...

On the area of roll cages, first of all, I have to ask, why?

Not that I'm against them; I have a full roll cage in my car. Then again, I race with it, and run multiple driving schools with it, so it's pretty much a given.

In order to get the proper cage for what you want to do with the car, I need to know a little about what your plans are for the car.

Will it be a track car, drag car, street car etc? Or all three? Is cost a factor, do you need access to the back seat etc, etc.

A couple of other places that do roll cages as well include Mantis Racing in Oakville, and CSC Racing up in Newmarket.

Raven / Bavarian did excellent work on mine, but I've heard excellent comments about Ronny at O'Brien Motorsports as well. I'd highly recommend either one of those to start.

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