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Originally posted by Furious325is
thanks tiesto for the input, do you think the cup kit is better than M suspension?
to be honest i dont know, i have never drive an M car or a car with the M suspention. like i said it definatly better than the sport suspention that i had, but of course the M suspention is superior to that.

i think that the h&r cup is the best shock and spring combo, i have heard bad things when it comes to mixing companies esspecially some thing like a eibach and bilstien combo.

I, myself was not really looking at suspention so that i could track my car, i just wanted to go as low as i could before getting coilovers, and a better than stock handling.

if you are looking for serious suspention then i would look at some thing else, b/c i still have a lot of body roll when i corner.
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