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Originally posted by djcontra
The biggest upside of an ABS kit however is fitment. It fits, period. Fiberglass kits will almost always need some modification to make them fit, and even so, it's usually only 99% perfect in the end.

Not true.
Being ABS doesnt mean it will fit with no problems.
Fitment only depends on how peace was manufactured.

The only reason why ABS stuff fits good is cause it is harder to make than fiberglass kits and only companies with some bucks make kits out of ABS. So they will spent some time on making a perfect mold.

Most fiberglass kits are knockoffs, and are done at home, by people that got no name to back up and make those kits not exactly perfect.

So my point is, ABS doesnt mean GOOD fitment. Fiberglass can fit as good as ABS, it only depends on the manufacturer
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