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Originally posted by Dave 325i

that's a great [but subtle] difference!

Calypso red is one of the best colours, IMHO, next to royal blue metallic anyways.

Yeah, the wheels do look kind small in pics for 18s, but maybe it's the dish on them. Doesn't need to be lowered anymore though. Do you really want to plough snow in the winter?

Nice looking car! However, I think you need some new licence plate screws / plate frame, your plate looks a little ratty. Kinda detracts from the overall look, but maybe I'm just too picky.
Thats really true, I still have to use this car during the winter. I'm still considering the H&R cup kit.

As for the lisence plate, there's nothing much I can do about it, because the way the bumper is made, it basically fits the plate Perfectly, there's no room for me to stick a plate cover on there. I was thinking of Hammering the plate flat again.

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