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Today I drove a 325 w/ 2 huge subs and amps w/ custom urethane speaker boxes and molding. The thing weighed a tonne! No offense, the audio system sounds great and everything, but car performance wise, audio systems suck! The rear of the car was weighed down so much, the car felt slower than my previous 318 and the cornering was very Honduhish, just understeer understeer, then oversteer fish tail! It was terrible, after driving that car I don't think I would ever put large subs and amps in my car. A nice head unit and larger speakers will do just fine for me.

It depends what your mostly into, but if your an all show no go type of guy you bought the wrong car. Should have got something cheaper that couldn't handle for sh*t anyways.

Oh yeah, nice car Julian! Did you paint the entire car or just wax it? Looks like you repainted the whole thing, let me know how much that costed you. I'm thinking of repainting my car also.

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