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Originally posted by \/\/eapon
even though you think its a rare swap its not. its more and more popular now, if you go on you can usually find atleast a couple every week.

the H22A has 220 hp , 220 hp in a civic is alot, these things can run high 11's.
The reason I say rare is it's foolish. The drive shafts etc have to be swapped for one and for two it's a bigger block with ALL aluminum sleeves so you ain't doing SQUAT with that which is precisely why MOST do not waste their time with it. Aluminum isn't going to like the forced induction as the Bseries have sleeves in them, which should be replaced anyhow (Darton/Bensen). I have personally enjoyed kicking that ass for the fools who chose that route with my old homemade $1,000.00 turbo boosted 91, which didn't require a new motor or shafts. I'm not going to get into a pissing contest about Japanese speed, but I hang at the dragstrip and have built a number of these cars/motors and I have news for you, there is ABSOLUTELY no way in HELL that runs high elevens even with the wind in his direction and 100 shot of Nitros. My guys rock built Supras, RX7s and have guys flown in across the country to tune em and guess what no high elevens there either. A High end HATCHBACK civic with FMAX, Greddy, Blitz intercoolers etc running 10PSI run low 13's....which is VERY respectable. That swap and that time is inaccurate, just the way it is. As I said there is a fella right here who Dynos 396WHP and has roughly 17K in his B18B and runs 11.7 on slicks and high 12's with his street tires and he's apaying Nitros on his intercooler too. If a $2,000.00 H22A would do the same I'm sure everybody would be doing it...wouldn't you agree. Man high elevens would own a 3.6 twin turbo 911 that costs 150K!!!!! CYA!
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