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Dont get me wrong, I understand what some of you mean when you say you would rather be the guy who passes rather then the guy who got passed. Im in the same boat, i mean id rather pass then get passed.
This is gona be argued i know when i say it, but I feel like a BMW is a machine, a civic isnt.., to me it isnt about image. I give props to guys who put money into their stock car and make it go fast as s*it, i mean good for you your car goes faster, im happy for you, pass me all you want.
People have different ways of explaining what is and what isnt a sportscar, I mean isnt a red car labelled a sports car for insurance purposes, so you would pay more on a red car opposed to black? kinda same thing as 2dr vs 4dr.??
After dropping 12G-bos into a honda, to me, doesnt make it a sports car, yes its got the power, its got the turning capabilities, but No its not a sports car *to me*.

in the end, I'd take my lil 318i 4 banger, over any honda civic, honestly, and i have beaten crx in my whip, ive also lost. my car is a machine and das the bottom line
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