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Originally posted by Mystikal
With this logic, who cares if an M3 CSL can run circles around a base Boxster, the Porsche has the image. Also, since when are 316iA's sportcars?

**** image. If I take you off the line or on a road course with an '89 CRX (and I could too, mind you), I'm still the winner in my opinion.
I'm kinda there too, I mean s**t if my yuppie sports car aint bringing s**t to a race with a civic, whats image when your ass is getting handed to you. I mean cmon friggin "Fast & Furious" focused on this point. I'd rather be the guy in the Supra myself cause the biznitch in the Ferarri got owned. Again hats off to the guy who makes the vehicle go where it's not suppose the end he knows his vehicle and still has 60K to throw in the bank, most of all just like the Civ whipped on me....the driver gets the most important trophy of all. SATIFACTION and another story for the books! I apologizr for bringing the movie up, but it seemed so right for this point. This thread has become an interesting one, glad everyone is keeping it for the most part clean.
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