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Originally posted by blacknblue-e30
Im not totally sure of why I hate civics, but i know I have my own couple reasons.
I dont think we should ignore people who say'atleast i drive a bmw' or whatever you can say...

because in the end, in my opinion, a bmw is a true sportscar.
I dont care how much you put into your civic, in the end, it may look and perform like a sports car, but I dont think you should call it that, its a frankenstein, thats what it is!!! RIGHT OFF THE LINE OF FABRICATION A BMW IS LABELLED>>>> A SPORTSCAR

Thats where my "it's still a turd" comes into play, however sportscar or not if the joker passes your arse and whips through corners like no other....I mean then what? I hear ya, but even Nascar uses weak ass body styles......Lumina etc. Lumina really isn't a sportscar, but the nascar one will bring it. These guys with the Civics mod the car so much that at times it's really only a Civic body. It wasn't engineered to be a sportscar from the factory, but in the garage rather. I have respect for those guys because they made their car faster than mine, anyone can buy a fast car, but not everyone can build one. They ride like s**t and in the end still remain a Civic so they win in the speed aspect just not in the style side. Yes that is opinion, but I'm willing to bet even on the Jap forums they'd agree to that. Civic VS M3 body style. BMW remains victorious!
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