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Originally posted by E46_lover
type-r integra with s/c..and shocks/springs/tires should be as good as an M3 with i/h/e at the track
I have to disagree. No offense, but it's gonna take more than suspension/wheel mods to make up .8 seconds. After a few beers one night I decided to take a bud out for a ride and I'm telling ya it felt as if I was driving a Cracker Jack Box!!!!!!!!! I built my car over a duration of 15 months (98 Teg) and 15K cash so I have grown attached and love the car, but the truth is spoken. Anyhow I took a corner at like 45 and my s**t flew across both lanes kinda outta control......dude was like WHOA MAN you can drive, honestly I really didn't have control of the car I just lucked out as I pulled out of it. I didn't expect the car to handle so poorly due to the fact I've been rolling in an M3 for 3-4 months. It might be fast, but it's still a shined turd! Eventually I got tired of the money pit and got with the ral, which is why I prefer the M. Teg is for sale!

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