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I don't really want to get into it, but even if your mustang has suspension mods, I wouldn't go challenging a BMW 3er in the twisties (especially if they can drive). Sure, your car has 300rwhp, and will just smoke my car in the 1/4 mile, BUT I did not buy my car for that reason, I bought it for quality, styling, design, prestige, braking, handling, and overall build quality. I am sorry but you cannot tell me that Ford has huge quality issues. I worked at Ford for 8 months, and they are probably the worst cars I have ever seen. The most recalled vehicle?? FORD Focus. Like 5 of them get towed in everyday. Pick up trucks? I have never seen so many unhappy customers that bring them back with numerous problems. We even had to send back a lot of NEW cars because they had problems like the heat/ac wouldn't work, transmission problems, etc.. I respect that people buy what they like, and props to anyone who is driving what they love. I guess the point of my of my stupid rant is that you should be careful who you challenge! ANYTIME you would like to see how your car can handle on the track or at the twisties, bring it on! Damn that was very stupid of me I am usually not like that at all sorry man...........
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