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Originally posted by 325iSBimmer
I just got back from the shop....and heres what happened.....i started the car and it ran fine for about 2 minutes then it stalled again.....except now when i go to start it none of the gauges on the dash work.....theres definately water screwing up my electronics i just don't know where to start...

Your problem is probably water getting in the DME. Some bonehead at BMW decided it should be put in a location where it can be damaged by water so BMW can sell you a new one.

Do you know where the DME is located? Use these chip change instructions to help you locate and open up the DME.
You should check for wetness in the DME and dry it.

I use a special spray (acyrlic laquuer conformal coating) to sray the boards and protect them form moisture.

Next, try and locate the problem. I think it's usually cause by debris blocking some drain tubes where water runs out of the area in front of the firewall. If the water can't drain, it builds up and finds it's way into the DME.

Now that you know how to change a chip in the DME, don't forget to order a chip from my website!

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