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Problem with my e36 325is..HELP!!

so here goes the story....

Back in the summer..about a month after buying my car...I took it to the pressure wash station and gave it a good spray down, under the body, in the fenders.. anyways...i made it about 30 seconds down the road and my car just would turn over but i couldn't get it started... so i flip the hood open and call BMW...they tell me it could be a fuel I wait for a friend to come and get me.....after about 20 min he gets there and i go to show him how it wont start.....well i turn the key and started...everything was fine after that..not once did it ever act up i thought maybe something got wet that shouldn't i never took it to the pressure wash station again....all hand washed ever since... it has been raining all day...and my car was outside while i was at work.....i got in my car started it and drove about 30 seconds down the road and the rpms started to go up and down so i pulled it out of gear and then they really started getting i shut it off and pulled over.....i went to restart it againg and it would fire up for a quick second or two but then stall i pushed it back into the shop where i work and tryied starting and it seemed that the more i tried to start it the more it wouldn't want to.....but if i left it for 5 min then it would fire up and run for about 15 seconds then shut down again....

Now...I am a mechanic and know a fair amount about Domestic cars but european cars differ in some areas which im not too familiar with.... like the electronics....

I did the check with the "check engine" light and it gave me a code 1444 which means there's nothing wrong...but obviously there is.....SOOO....... what I'd like to know is has anyone suffered from the same problem and if so what was it that caused the car to stall when it gets really wet..

or if anyone has any suggestions on what it could be feel free to enlighten....

Im sure when i go back to the shop later tonite it will start and everything will be fine...but i wanna find out what it is that causes this so that next time the car gets wet and I'm more that 2 minutes away from home i don't get stranded....

any help would be greatly appreciated
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