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Now we want to select the (polygonal lasso tool)

And trace around the hood's shape, like this:

Now, copy this layer (CTRL-C)(CTRL-V): Your layer screen should look like this:

Now that we have our car prepped and ready for the carbon fiber hood, we are going to create a new canvas so we can create the CF pattern.

Zoom in to the new canvas all the way (1600%). With the rectangle selection tool, select the top/left quarter of the canvas.
Now bust out the gradient tool and fill the selection area with a black-to-white color scheme.

Now select the bottom/right quadrant of the canvas and repeat the gradient filling process.

After that, go:
"Select - All"
"Edit - Define Pattern"
Type in "Carbon Fiber" and hit OK.


Now create a second layer, by clicking on this button:

Now go to Edit/Fill, and select your carbon fiber pattern:

If you want to add some effect to the pattern, select the Filter Menu/Distort/Twirl. Add some twirl either to the left or the right, and click ok. It should look like this.

Make sure the 2nd layer has been selected, and go to Edit/Transform/Skew.

Now just take the corners of the layer:

and move them roughly around the edges of the hood, like this:
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