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Originally posted by bmw318ti96
Well none of my friends drive bimmers , but if the ppl on this board from Quebec wanna do a cruise next summer I'd go tough!

*cough* Cough* I wanted to cruise down this summer....Next year for sure and also i'd like to go down to Bimmerfest in Ct. That would be the shizzle!!!
It also would be cool if you did a 2 day thing and get all the Max members together..if they can't come on sat then come on Sun...that would be great as well. Just cause if us quebec guys go down to T.o. we'll have to sleep over night and what not. that's why i suggested a 2 day cruise..


No problem about asking if i was Arab. I found that link somewhere and threw it on there. Man i can't wait till April 15th...that's when my car comes out of storage..... then we'll all be able to do some cruises with us Gat guys and Ott guys.


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