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Bon Jour! and welcome to maX. You Quebec guys got to come to a cruise some time next year. Check the private and Official cruise section... lately, there has been very little difference in attendance between Official and Private Cruises (any cruise will be fun).

Fast & Furious: A world where all races of people get along...

maXbimmer: A club where all races of people get along... in real life, and have a great time doing it.

we got Hosers/Yanks/Arabs/Serbs/Russians/Indians/Poles... Brits/Swedes/Fins/Ukraines/Pakistanians even Estonians and Slovacs... you name it we have members. (did I miss anyone???)

Let's fight about cars/mods... not land/traditions/religion and other stupid $hit


political platform retractor actuated...

'99 M Coupe - Imola/Imola
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To mod or not to mod? That is the question
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