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Originally posted by Spartiatis

How are you so sure

I am willing to bet that I would get a car and a half on him right of the start. The Wrx is in the low 5's 0-60.
The lowest 0-60 for the WRX I have ever seen was the one C&D had long-term. It clicked off a 5.4. The lowest E36 M3 I have even seen is the one R&T tested in February 1994 (yes, I remember these things) in a comparison with an AMG C36. That was 5.4, too.

The fact this, the Subie's main advantage is its traction. And unless you're dropping it from a high rpm, you're just not in that much need of traction. I mean, 236lb-ft and 245 width tires on the M3 means that it is not exactly what you'd call a tire-smoking monster. 5-60 times support this theory.
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