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Drove an Alpina Z8

well today my car ran out of gas and my friend picks me up. on the way to get gas, a silver z8 flies by. we caught up later and filmed it and what not and it turns out its not only a z8 but an ALPINA z8!! holy shit was all i could say. i go to work an hour later and the guy driving it pulls into the dealership for service and they hand me the keys to the car!!! by this time im shitting my pants, sticker price is 138K and i did not want to **** it up. i go up to the guy and tell him it was me filming him. bla bla bla and hes like yeah u guys scared me! i say peace and get in his car and fire it up at the start button and the 4.8L roars to life and i realize im in a supercar with 20's and not only a supercar but an ALPINa supercar. i drive it down the lot and up the ramps and it is just about the most amazing thing in this world. period. i was blown away and i hope the car is still there tommorow so i can snap some pics of it.

its automatic too.....
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