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btw SUPERCHARGED, you raced an eagle talon year 95 or 96 i belive and it was four wheel drive. YOU told me that the 0-60 to that car was what??? 7 something??? and yes it was turbo charged and he beat you 3 times with a difference of a car and you managed to get him1 or 2 times from the start line.

your 328is 0-60 is 6.2 sec so what happend??? how did he manage to even beat you once??? i always told you that its the driver that matters but you denied it every single time. YOU even told me the story of how he managed to get that believable boost which caused you to lose.

if that talon beat you, im pertty sure there isa strong chance of the STI beating the m3.

and about the e36 m3 i should say with its 0-60 at 5.5 aint much of a diff than the wrx 5.6. so you can't realy garantee that the e36 will win for sure UNLESS the driver makes a mistake.

no hard feelings supercharged, but i think you should take the admins tip and say it with me.....gooosefrabba....goooosefrabba... (to make you happy, this is TAKEN from the anger management movie)

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