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Originally posted by mkgino
Now, are these differences very significant? I mean, I am going to be using this camera for pics/vids of my car and for pictures of family and friends. Im not really an expert and so these differences may not be that significant for me.

The reason I am leaning towards the SD100, because of the SD cards (I already have one at home from my old digicam),

and I would rather have a rechargable battery, than rechargable AA batteries that I would have to buy.

the extra 1x and smaller aperature. i'd say these will come in handy, beginner or intermediate.

just how big is the SD? these days, i wouldn't get anything lower than 128mb. Compact Flash has become the clear winner in the media war. if you invest in CF now, you'll have more compatiblity with the CF than the SD. in the long run, you'll save alot more $$ going with Compact Flash.

trust me, your going to want a second battery. a second battery from Canon will cost about $70. you can pick up a quick charger w/ 2000mah batteries for about $55. then additional batteries are only $24 for 4 AA NiMH.

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