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Well I kinda want to get a camera from a store that I can return it to if something goes wrong.

Now I can get the A70 From Best Buy for about $299 usd (we have no tax in MA), but that is $100 over my price range. Then like $50 for the damn rechargable batteries with charger, another $50 for a memory card and Im up to $400. Damn!!

So I was thinking to just get the A60, the quality is more than I would ever need I think. ITs about $229 and ALL the options are exactly the same as the 3.2 MP, except it takes the max pics it can take are like 1600 X 1200, rather than the A70 that can take 2048 X 1536.

Now both sizes are HUGE, way larger than I would ever need. All the other options are basically identical give or take. What would u guys do? Can you justify the extra $$70-100 for just an extra pic level that I probably wont use anyway??

The only real reason that I would get the A70 would be more for the video feature. It has a max quality of 640 X480, whereas the A60 was only 320 X 240.

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