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Thanks guys for your comments on my MX-6.

Somebody asked me about wax. (Sorry, I don't remember who it was originally.) I currently use S100, which is exactly the same formulation as P21S Carnauba Wax but offered at a lower price for the motorcycle market. You can buy it locally at any Harley-Davidson or Cycle World. Keep in mind this is just a wax and isn't a cure for all your paint problems. As a final topper on a clean car, however, I'm sold on this product.

For minor spider webs, I've used Mothers Sealer and Glaze with good results. Recently I've been using Meguiar's #7 Professional Show Car Glaze with very good results. You can apply either by hand but if you have an extensive network of spider webs be prepared to put in the time and effort. Both are essentially fillers and oils, so should be topped off with a wax for longevity. Neglecting to do so means all your hard work will wash off next time your car sees rain. If neither completely hides your fine scratches, then you might have to investigate more aggressive compounds.

For longevity, I like using Meguiar's #20 Polymer Sealant. A good layer will last several months. It won't shine like a wax, but you can always top #20 with a pure wax for greater gloss/reflectivity.
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