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Originally posted by tlaselva
There is no way to throw in a 'couple of bucks' to make the M3 outgun the Z. Trust me, I did my research on the aftermarket on the M3, before giving it up for the Z. The best you can get is the Dinan S2 package that is 18G's US, and some tests have shown that there's not much more than 10 to 15 RWHP. For the M3 to stay neck and neck with the Z, it's got to push about 450 HP, which is not possible with the S54 engine.
The only way it can come close, is a M5 V8 engine transplant.
Hamann (sp?) does the conversion. Quoted 55G's Euro!
Doesn't make sense to spend 160G's on a M3. At that price, you’re better off to buy a Porsche 911 TT. This way you have your 'style' and power, with a warranty.
The fastest e39 5 series is powered by the supercharged e46 m3 motor...something like that in an m3 could murder a z06 or a turbo hands down.
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