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Originally posted by Miguel
I may drop by KK, but as for cruising... car is being worked on so no cruise for me.
Cool, the more the merrier! Just to let you know though, the route isn't too hard on the car, and it's not like we're gonna be racing through anyways. It's a cruise, not a competition. And it's maybe 20km or so, with no traffic after the first 5.

1. Mystikal (organizing)
2. Mystikal's friend with E36
3. bmwm5lover (w/bodies in the trunk)
4. TrEvOrLiCioS (50/50)
5. Spudboy (cruise-whore)
6. koncise (support'n da hood)
7. crusher (can't miss this one)
8. E46_lover (w/cuz, pushing bro)
9. Blackedout_E36 (stoned as a mofo)
10. 328DTM (getting ghosts on film!)
11. Autotechnica + 330ci friend w/ chromies
12. Miguel (with limping car and all!)
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