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Ok pete, forget the cert, because of the tires, but can you at least replace the cheaper things that would have been covered by cert, such as the light bulb (it's cheap anyway....) and you said something about a fuse? I'll go buy my own tires and cert it myself later when I have money. Can you do the e-test? I think the test costs $30 or something and is good for one year. I TOTALLY understand you not doing cert because of the tires. But from what I am assuming, it doesn't need anything else...hard to tell because it was raining and I didn't even drive it (since I refused)...LOL.

From what I remember the computer didn't work or something....but that is ok.

Will you at least throw in any remaining stock parts, if I choose to put them back on?

Let me know...give me a shout. You have my number...or you can PM me. I have to give my bank one day notice before I can do a bank draft.

Yes, I will buy a deck later...but I hope there is already a harness there for me to install a new one. What is wrong with the MP3 deck? From the ad, I thought that was included with the car?

So based on the out of pocket expenses I am suggesting above, it's going to cost you a little more time and under $50 to fix the minor things and e-test?

Let me know what you think. It's just a formality now because we are at least talking on the same level now.


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