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E24 with a MAF conversion before Turbo

Here is a MAF from Split Second

The controller is in the glove box, and is indexed to allow me to play with settings and get back to smooth running.

Here is the Ford 65mm MAF and it is made in JAPAN.

If this engine was shiny enough to reflect,
you would see me smiling while taking the pictures.
Cause I really like the output of the MAF.

Six hours, DIY, including the indicator and can switch back to AFM in 2 minutes, Two screw clamps on MAF, two quick electrical connectors and the OE connector is tie rapped back out of the way.

OE is
3430cc M30
92x86, 8.0:1

I own a dyno so here is the output at the wheels.

HP loss in transmission and differential 25%
So 222 HP at shaft is the result.

I am using the J C. chip also, a 3.71 ratio, with 265 Getrag.

The sweet spot of the m30 is now at 2200rpm where it was at 2800rpm.

That is the point where the rumble of the exhaust resonates in frequency with the intake. On the unmodified it is only seen on the cold mornings when the fuel system adds a little more fuel and the cold air is giving it's all.

I really like it.

My Cartech RRFR installed and test in advance of the M102 12 psi turbo.

I hope to sneak up on a few Stangs and Meros on the Dyno.

My source:


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