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Originally posted by BimmiN
What front bumper do you have Adriano? Is that the Zeemax? Looks Good!!
Yes it is Zeemax and it is a piece of shit!!!! I have never replaced body parts other than OEM replacements. I want to know if you had the same problems or am I the lucky one. First off I was told that there was a 4-6 week delivery from England to Canada. It took over 3 months. Then when I got it, I had to manufacture brackets for the sides. Then my body shop guy showed me that the fiberglass thickness was inconsistent and the trim line was not symmetrical from left to right. It was also covered in hairline cracks. A little filler everywhere and it looked okay. Next I tried to fit the thing on and the damn thing was warped. One edge by the wheel wells is lower than the other. Then I noticed that the angle of a line on the top does not match the profile of the car.The crappy cover in to hide the screws in the front, I could have done a better job with a piece of wood and a carving knife. And how the hell are you supposed to put the brake ducts into place?!?!? The fog light brackets are useless and the outer air intakes hit the BMW rad ducting. Anyways I was very disappointed with the bumper and I don't know if this is common or not. I tried to email them numerous amounts of times with no reply! I am soooooo pissed at them, I feel like

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