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Cool Beat (another) V8 'Stang! w00p!

I was out cruising last night since I got my car running again (finally). I juiced some more power out of the engine, and she runs way better than before! (especially with the new ignition coils...what a HUGE difference they made).
Aside from the clutch slipping like crazy now (I really need to get my e34m5 one in there asap), I decided to find an opponent to race.
I was at the stop lights around markham and eglington, when a V8 `stang pulled up beside me, revving his engine every few seconds, rolling back and forth. Wanting to see the look on his face, I rolled down the window and asked (more like taunted) him if he wanted to run. It took a few more times of me waving to get him to roll down his window, only to hear him laugh in my face about how I said I was going to put his car to shame. I gave my engine just a slight bit of gas, and his jaw just dropped when he heard the whistling sound of my blower under the hood. To top it off, I revved it like crap and he got a nice earful of my intercooler as well
Within the next few moments, we both rolled our windows up, and gunned it when the light turned green.
I had a HORRIBLE launch, my car's front end rising into the air, and then leaping forward into 1st gear....
2nd gear came too soon, and my car redlined like a bitch while my clutch tried it's best to grab, boom, 2nd gear locked in at 4000rpm, and I was off again...
caught up to him, almost at the redline in 2nd gear, and bam, into 3rd!
Once I was in 3rd, I knew it was smooth sailing, I just blew past him like he wasn't even trying! I then slowed down in case he's pussied out, but I still hear his V8 screaming it's way towards me so I gun it some more when he's right beside me!
Whooped his ass a second time!
The guy was sooooooooooo pissed!! He didn't even want to talk when we both met up again at a stoplight down the road. That guy probably felt soooooo owned the rest of the night
(it's not every day a mustang owner gets his ass handed to him, by a stock looking e36....I dont have any mods on the car except for the charger too!)

'94 Supercharged E36 325is (150,000 original km's)
-Vortech V9 G-Trim @ ~10psi w/ BOV
-Shortstack headers
-Vortech RRFPR
-255LPH Walbro fuel pump
-TEIN SS Coilovers w/ Pillowball mounts
-Keskin KT1 17x8.5 & 17x10
-Remus full catback
-Authentic Rieger Infinity I body kit
-SMT6 EMS (Untuned)

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