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Originally posted by M3ntal Kev
When I was your age I was driving around in a Chrysler K-car and not posing around in an M3. Whether or not I have done stupid things in the past, does not mean that they were okay. Is a man who kills another, then preaches against it, more believable or less? Is his advice less worthy or more due to his experiences?

Aren't you the same little kid that posted pics of race car wrecks after I posted an invitation to a friendly casual lapping day? Its good to see you finally show up to an auto-x event instead of spewing knowledge you don't have.
So what I was suppose to follow your steps and got my self a K-Car?
Where did you see me posing in my M3?
What I meant with my post that all of us did the same thing.
you raced cars on streets, Tony did, and I.
All of us were speeding and breaking the same laws.
But when we do it, all you older drivers starting to tell us that we should not be on the road, we are idiots and deserve to die.

Yes i'm the same kid that posted those pictures.
But what that has to d with this I dunno.
and ohh I was at AutoX before, and you posted exact same sentance about a year ago.
And please tell me what knowledge I was spewing??

I dont think I said your posts make no sense, all I said is when you bash someone else for the same action you've prolly done please include your experience in the post.

My post was mostly for Tony, not you for.

And yes all your posts are BLAH BLAH BLAH.
Especially when you try to act to your age, but then your replie turn into shit talk.
Remember that thread where I posted pics oh those accidents?
Remember how whole your crew came and started to call me an idiot and that those pics were bullshit?
Dont you think it was kinda immature?
If you trying to teach us, stupid posers, some road maners, I think you should use a bit less harsh language, maybe more people would listen.
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