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Originally posted by SickFinga
M3 do not have flat sideskirts, only LUX m3s got flat sideskirts.

Anyway whati'm trying to say, that I've never seen a lux m3 with those skirts.

This is lux m3. Notice the bumper and sideskirts.
those side skirts are like mine. they are not flat. they have the contours on them. the front bumper in the pic has the horizontal slats right in the middle in front of the rad. i took mine out cause they looked out of place. the only thing i changed/ added was the slats, "eyebrows" on top of the headlights, front corners, and the rear lights are euro, with no amber turn signals. the previous owner was tired of getting the front hood emblem ripped off and had it smoothed out (all metalwork). in 5 years its not possible to see/tell were the emblem was ouside or the underside of the hood.
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