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thanks, finally someone understood

when it rains, i usually dont speed up cause my tires are not that great. and i barely race(not cause i dont want to).
i just like going fast, thats about it... and if you knew me, you'd know that i care about others and i wouldnt do anything stupid on the road. wow i went 220, big deal! there are probably less crashes on the autobahn than on the 401.
hey, most of the people who crash here in NA, crash because theyre stupid, overconfident, have bad reaction, or just trying to show off, and ive seen LOTS of people like that. and its not cause of speed. and if you combine high speeds and these people, only then its dangerous.

i almost got killed or seriously injured lots of times.
mostly it was old people, and they didnt even check blindspots. would you tell them: oh youre a stupid son of a bitch, i hope you get killed.
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