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Ahhh Tony, Tony.
It is kinda funny, your post I mean.
Yes it was stupid for Mike to go 220 and maybe it was even dumber to run. But why we like to call people stupid when they do that, but when we do it ourselfs we tend to forget.
I don't think I would run from the cops, maybe if i killed someone I would, but there is not a single speeding ticket that would made me run.
I was twice a passanger on a bike running from the cops.
It was stupid and scary. But I wouldnt do it myself.

Also Tony, please do not tell me you never broke the highway act and never raced on public roads. All of is done it, well most of us.
Alll your's and Kevin's post are just BLAH BLAH BLAH to out teenaged ears. Once we go on the road we forget all about.
If you think I'm dumb and ignorant, well good for you, but just remember when you were our age.

I raced once in my life, and i didn't like it.
well yes I did race more, but they were just small pulls and prolly never exceeded speed limit by 20km/h.

I was driving like an idiot before, well I;m still, but even bigger idiot before.
But accident, when my paretns rolled over they SUV at 100km/h made me think twice each time I speed.
Accident that i had almost two years ago made me drive below speed limit when it rains. You will never see me drive over a speed limit when it rains.

So my point is until Mike will get into the accident, or he will get older, his actions won't stop, and your posts won't help it.

And calling him the biggest idiot and that he deserves to get killed is kinda dumb.
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