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Originally posted by Mikester
and a big waste of tax money goes for unnecessary stuff, like a dumb police force. if they had better laws and better cops, then maybe id respect the streets more. why the hell do i have to pay $110 for having blue bulbs?
You got the ticket because the bulbs are not legal. It is in the HTA and you have access to read it. Having not read it is not a defence.

Originally posted by Mikester
why do they **** you up for every little thing that doesnt really matter, like "illegal" intake, or "illegal" steering wheel. hell, they can give you a ticket for "illegal" floormats. instead of doing their real job theyre just wasting time so they get their salary.(and about 30% are like this. thats from experience only). so heres a bigger waste of your and my money. and whos payin for trials for every little thing that people get fines for? YOU.
I agree that there is a bit of a "witch hunt" going on right now. What you haven't addressed is how we got to this state. Did the establishment just wake up one day and decide that these items are a nuisance? Nope. It took irresponsible people to get us to this point. The "kills", the racing, the general disregard for safety has brought us to this point. You maintain that you're a safe driver. What advanced driver training have you particpated in? What skill sharpening motorsports have you participated in that make you any better than the middle aged guy on the phone, in the minivan without working brake lights, in the fast lane of the 401?

If you didn't put on the illegal blue bulbs, then you wouldn't be ticketed, and wouldn't have to waste the court's time and tax payer's money.

Originally posted by Mikester
and there are many more things that your tax money goes to. like extra money to the gov. and probably cocaine for the leaders.
so car accidents and hospital bills are not a majority of the money you pay.

youre welcome to argue this, since its only my opinion. (nothing personal)
I beg to differ. Have a look at the break-down of your insurance policy for your car. A substantial amount of your policy pays for lost wages and personal injury settlements. These are directly related to accidents.

As for tax dollars, consider OHIP as part of your taxes which pays for medical bills from accidents.

If someone else crashes their car in the middle of the night, injuring the person and destroying the car, who pays the medical bill? Who pays to have the car replaced? If the person is off from work, who pays their wages and mortgage while they recover?

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