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Originally posted by Mikester
so you want me to buy a honda?
Yes. That is exactly what the message of my post was.

Originally posted by Mikester
and why do always people talk about crashing??? just cause i drive fast does not mean ill crash. it just means if i do crash it will be much worse. hey im paying $5,500 a year as a 2nd driver with a G for insurance. WHY? cause im a teenager. i pay for the ****in scratches and dents that people do to my car, and if i let insurance do it, it will go up by a thousand for no reason. what do i need the insurance for then?? the gov is forcing us to pay these idiots so they make some $$$.IF i crash, id rather crash on a public road and let those ****ers pay every single penny i put into the car. i pay them, they pay me.
Yes, you pay $5500 dollars because you're a teenager. You also like to cruise at 220km/h and "live life to the fullest" because you're a teenager. There might just be some corelation there.

I agree that the current insurance and repair situation in ON is a lot out of hand. BTW, the insurance company will not pay you every penny you have put into the car unless you have insurance which is based on a revised and agreed upon value.

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