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Originally posted by Mikester
hey i said it before and ill say it again, i never do stupid shit around many cars, or especially on regular streets.
whats so wrong about going fast on the highway at night?? NO cars, NO pedestrians.
There is nothing wrong with it except it endangers you and your vehicle.

Before you say, "WTF is it to you whether I smash or not!", let me explain my reasoning. If you do damage to yourself, it impacts every other motorist in Ontario and especially every other BMW enthusiast. It does so because while you're laid out in the hospital, your bills are being paid by insurance and tax dollars. Your written-off car will undoubtedly cause rate groups for BMWs to up.

If you're after a situation where you can explore your car, you might want to consider the 3 local race circuits, which all are pedestrian free and have limited but alert/skilled traffic. The other benefit is that insurance will not cover your mishap at the track, so everyone will not end up paying for it.

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