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Originally posted by The Due
Thats not just for paint is it?
What else are you doing?
How much just doing the painting?
When you said to "restore" your car I thought you were redoing the whole car (total repaint of the car, engine work, wheels, interior work)! LOL! Well the installation of the body kit and paint (with minor body work and painting engine bay) will cost me anywhere between $2000 to $3000. I would have to say more towards the $3000 range since i'm installing the body kit.

Well to answer your question of just doing a respray I would have to say any where between $1000 to $2000. I'm going to tell you from past experiance that if you spend a little more now, you WON'T regret it later. I had my car resprayed last year by another bodyshop in St. Catharines and it cost $1000. Well lets just say it was lacking in quality after a little while. So bring it down to Unique and talk to Frank (tell him that Dave and Randy sent ya!). Good luck!

Hey guys/gals!,

Randy(empowerd), Kevin(straight_6), and I (Dave aka:'88 325e) started up Bimmercruize '01. Bimmercruize '02 is on Sunday August 11th! So if you need details about the show please contact us!
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