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Re: ROB!!

Originally posted by Maciek
hey man

I know Your car is unique and quick but I don't
remember You leaving any E36 or E46 behind. The
only time You left cars behind was when You made a wrong turn and went to Orillia instead. You know
that I asked You to race me and You never want
to. How many times was I glued to Your bumper
and I had to let off the pedal so I don't hit You.
And don't tell me You weren't giving it because
Your car was smoking like crazy. You do have a
quick car liike I said but it is not as fast as
You say it is. I had more trouble with Mogie's car
than Yours.

I need euro ellipsoids for my car. They are about
350 US. If You want I will race You for that
amount. Let me know.

just one question for you
is your 328is stock? (engine wise)
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