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Angry got my ass handed to me again.....

This is becoming a very reocurring thing lately, so you may wanna stay tuned next week for my next lose

anyways......yesterday i was driving home and saw a honda civic hatch turning behind me off a side street, it actually looked pretty good xenon lights subtile kit and rims. evenually the street that we where on turned into on on rap for somewhat of an express way (80 zone, ryan remember where we where screwing around on the express way?)

so of course i took the turn hard and to my surprise it was keeping up with me around the bend once the rap became straightaway it was redline time. for the most part i was inching away at this point and thinking ha ha honda ha ha......until somehow he switched lanes and SPANKED ME . unfortunelty the guy turned off and i could ask him what the hell he had under there.

so im assuming he had the b18 thingy or whay i think was a little zex power, it had to be........ fuken CHEATER!!!!!!!

ya so anyways i apoligize for being a discrase to the bmw community.......stay tuned for my next ass whipping

P.S. anyone happen to have an LS1 motor/T54 6 speed tranny/ reworked computer/ custom driveshaft????? just wondering never know............

go ahead guys take your cheap shots
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