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Originally posted by ROB89M3
Hey Randy,what was YOUR excuse when everyone cruised to Milton thinking there would be a BBQ at Bimmercruise 2001?
Robert! Remember what I said about thinking before you post? This is a prime example on how you just seem to step in to shiet. BTW Randy is not the only one organizing Bimmercruize. If you are going to hack it then you must realize that Kevin and myself had alot to do with it. I think I should make a poll on how much of a whiner you are but I bet it would be deleted pretty quick.

PS - Don't bother to tell me to chill. I have had enough.
Hey guys/gals!,

Randy(empowerd), Kevin(straight_6), and I (Dave aka:'88 325e) started up Bimmercruize '01. Bimmercruize '02 is on Sunday August 11th! So if you need details about the show please contact us!
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